Learn how to add a new soil profile to SOILBOOK.

The upload process consists of 3 steps:

SOILBOOK Tutorial – My Soil Profile
SOILBOOK Tutorial – Create New Soil Profile

An instruction on how to dig soil profiles in the field is provided here!

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Current Land Use

      1. Select current land use

      Each soil profile is a section of the surrounding landscape! In a first step, the current usage of the site is specified.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Pictures

      2. Add pictures

      Up to 10 pictures of the soil profile and its environment can either be photographed and added directly or uploaded from the image gallery. As a thumbnail, a particularly expressive photo is recommended!

  • Publish

    Almost done! When you click “publish”, we will review your contribution before publishing it.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Soil Charakteristics

      4.Optional – Features & Details

      Additional information of the soil profile and details can be shared optionally with other SOILBOOK users. Those features include e.g. current vegetation, smell, color, soil life, as well as soil-specific details (parent material, soil type, texture, etc.) and climate data. Finally, there is the possibility to insert a short description of the soil.

New features in the user profile

Create collections, add favorites

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Create Collection Lens
      SOILBOOK Tutorial – Create Collection

      Create Collections

      Any number of public or private collections of soil profiles can be created and sorted thematically.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Favorit
      SOILBOOK Tutorial – Favorit Soil Sample

      Add soil favorites

      Your favorite soils at one glance! Interesting soil profiles can be added not only to your collections, but also to your favorites.

Why Soilbook?

Soils are the foundation of our existence and are – besides water, air, animals and plants – the most valuable and the most worthy of protection goods of mankind.

We want to create awareness for the variety but also for the endangered status of soils.

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