Take a look at the new features in the user profile and how you can upload a soil profile.

The uploading-process includes the following 6 steps:

SOILBOOK Tutorial – Fotos hochladen
SOILBOOK Tutorial – Fotos hochladen

Instructions for excavating a soil profile in the field can be found here!

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Fotos hochladen

      1. Choose a preview image

      Every soil profile needs a significant image, which is viewed as preview image! You can take the image directly or choose one from your image gallery.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Weitere Bilder

      2. Add more images

      Besides the preview image you can add up to 4 additional images (e.g. showing certain details of soil profiles or an overview image).

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Merkmale

      4. Enter soil features

      Here you can enter soil features like land use, vegetation, smell and color of soil layers and soil life.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Details

      5. Details

      You can enter additional details optionally.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Veröffentlichen

      6. Publishing

      Finally you have to publish your soil profile. We are checking the images and then activate the soil profile. Before the activation the soil profile is stored as draft version.

New features in the user profile

Create collections, add favorites

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Verortung
      SOILBOOK Tutorial – Sammlung erstellen

      Create collections

      Keep your soil profiles and the soil profiles of other users in your collections.

      You can create, edit and expand any number of creations. You can keep your collections private of make them visible for other users.

    • SOILBOOK Tutorial – Verortung
      SOILBOOK Tutorial – Favorisieren

      Add favorites

      You can add soil profiles to your favorites. You can find your favorites in your user profile. Simultaneously the creator of a soil profile sees how many users set his soil profile as favorite.

Why Soilbook?

Soils are the foundation of our existence and are – besides water, air, animals and plants – the most valuable and the most worthy of protection goods of mankind.

We want to create awareness for the variety but also for the endangered status of soils.

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