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Who can take part in the project SOILBOOK?

Everyone is welcome to take part in the project SOILBOOK. The only precondition is a free registration on SOILBOOK registration on SOILBOOK and an internet connection.

How can I take part in the project SOILBOOK?

To take part on www.soilbook.info you need an internet-ready device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) and a registration.

Is there a tutorial on how to use SOILBOOK?

Yes, under „Help“ in the menu a detailed description is provided. There you can find all steps from the registration to the publication of a soil profile.

Where can I take part?

Contributions from all over the world can be uploaded.

Which language is used in the contributions?

The language on the platform is German, English and Spanish – until further notice.

In the free description of your soil profile you can use your mother tongue. Please notice that these texts will not be translated by SOILBOOK.

Which of my personal data is displayed publicly?

The following personal data is shown in every contribution: Your (free selectable) user name and your approach to soil (e.g. farmer, consultant,...).

Which of my contents are displayed for registered users as oppose to non-registered users?

Non-registered users have restricted access to the contributions. Always visible is: Your (free selectable) user name and your approach to soil (e.g. farmer, consultant,...) as well as the preview picture and the location of the soil profile. Registered users are able to see your contribution in its entirety.

Are the contributions checked for their scientific accuracy?

The goal of SOILBOOK is to provide a platform for users interested in soils and soil science. Uploaded contents from registered users are not monitored, moderated or checked for scientific accuracy. The uploading user is responsible for the content of his contribution. However, the contributions are checked automatically for obscenities and erotic images before publication and not published if objected. Illegal content is taken down immediately after the operator takes knowledge of the violation. In such or similar cases the operator is allowed to block the user.

What is happening with my data?

SOILBOOK is a digital book of soils which is directed to soil-interested persons. It seeks to create awareness for the variety as well as the endangered status of soils. No commercial perspectives are pursued. Personal data is handled strictly confidential and is not divulged to third parties. The pertinent data of the contributions, including images, can be used by SOILBOOK for anonymous research issues, presentations (e.g. for specialist lectures) as well as for specialist publications.

Am I entitled to delete my contributions from the database?

At any time you are allowed to change or delete your own contributions.

Can I connect with other users and contact them via SOILBOOK?

You can contact other users of the platform directly via private message.

Who can I contact with questions concerning the project?

You can contact us via e-mail office@soilbook.info with questions or suggestions at any time. Your e-mail is processed as soon as possible.

Why Soilbook?

Soils are the foundation of our existence and are – besides water, air, animals and plants – the most valuable and the most worthy of protection goods of mankind.

We want to create awareness for the variety but also for the endangered status of soils.

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