Excavating a soil profile

Here you find instructions for excavating a soil profile afield.

Read how to set up your soil profile on SOILBOOK.

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    • SOILBOOK – Bodenprofil ausheben

      A soil profile is a vertical cut through the soil starting on the surface of the earth. Soil profiles can occur naturally (e.g. incision of a stream/river) or by human interaction (e.g. along streets, excavation pits, etc.).

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      In most cases soil profiles are purposefully excavated. Therefore the excavation of a pit with a vertical wall down to the bedrock is reasonable.

    • SOILBOOK – Bodenprofil ausheben

      The excavated material of topsoil and subsoil should be stored next to the pit without being mixed. That way you can fill the pit in its original layers later.

    • SOILBOOK – Bodenprofil ausheben

      The profile wall (front side) should be divided into two halves following a vertical line from the top to the bottom of the profile.

      One half of the profile wall should be cleaned flat with the spade. The second half should be treated with a spatula or a similar tool to carve out root canals and earthworm holes.

      For size comparison a tape measure, a measuring stick or a well visible object of utility is suitable.

    • SOILBOOK – Bodenprofil ausheben

      Take photos of the soil profile and put them on SOILBOOK with additional information!

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